Move outstanding balances on your other bank credit cards to a new NDB Good Life Credit Card. Simply present 3 most recent credit card statements, along with an application form to your nearest branch.
Apart from exceptional discounts and offers, NDB will go the extra mile to help you with your expenses with cash offers and total bill wipe outs. A daunting bill from your favourite store could be completely wiped out from your statement.
Everyone loves to be first, especially when it comes to the hottest deals in town. With a NDB Good Life Card, you don't have to wait for the 'Season' because you'll get exclusive access to special offers and savings throughout the year before anyone else.
Whether it's a dream vacation, your child's higher education or just something you absolutely had to have, don't worry about paying for it at once because with a NDB Good Life Card you can split it into easy instalments. Just call NDB after your purchase to convert it to multiple payments over a settlement period that's convenient for you.
With NDB, you'll not only get the best deals and discounts at your favourite places, you'll also get security and total transparency. So you can enjoy every benefit and always have peace of mind.
Accumulate your spend for 3 months & be eligible for 0% Installment plans up to 6 months