Interest will be calculated on the daily balance and credited to your account monthly.
Your money is freely available for withdrawals or transfers. No prior notice is required. There is no minimum period for deposits.
You can also make payments for goods and services using your Debit card, to any merchant with a POS machine connected to Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay & JCB network
You have the option of requesting either a personalised or instant Debit card free of charge with higher withdrawal or transaction limits.
If you are over 18 years and currently working as a salaried employee for government, semi government or private sector who can remit your monthly salary to Commercial Bank, you are eligible to open an account.
Documents Needed
Account mandate.
Know Your Customer (KYC) form.
National Identity Card/ Valid Driving License/ Valid Passport that carries the NIC number.
Address verification documents (If the address given to the bank is different from the National Identity Card / Driving License.)
Terms & conditions apply
Product information and terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time.Therefore, it is advisable to contact the branch nearest to you for the latest information and prevailing terms & conditions.