A special interest rate which is higher than the normal interest rate offered will be offered to you.
A Debit Card will be offered free of charge.
You can apply for a ComBank Credit Card depending on your needs and income. Credit Card is offered with no joining and first year annual fee.
You can open either a Statement Savings or a Pass Book Savings Account according to your choice.
You can appoint a Nominee for your account.
If you are a senior citizen aged 60 years and above you are eligible to open this account.
Account could be opened as an individual account in your name or as a joint account with one or more person aged 60 years and above.
Documents Needed
Account mandate.
Know Your Customer (KYC) form.
National Identity Card/ Valid Driving License/ Valid Passport that carries the NIC number.
Address verification documents (If the address given to the bank is different from the National Identity Card / Driving License.)
Terms & Conditions apply
Product information and terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the branch nearest to you for the latest information and prevailing terms & conditions.