Affordable interest rates
Ability to apply jointly with spouse
Speedy personalized service with in-house valuation and legal assistance
Speedy personalized service with in-house valuation and legal assistance
Consultation for BOQ preparation and construction
Resident Sri Lankans of age between 18 -70 years
Salaried employees, self-employed or business owners
Sri Lankan citizens employed overseas with verifiable income statements
Rental Income earners
Others who can provide details of a steady income from authorized personnel
Flexibility to apply either individually or jointly with spouse, parents or with children
Documents Needed
Personal documents
Salaried - Duly completed Loan application / Letter from the employer confirming Employment and Salary / Bank statements for the past 06 months, where salary is being credited at present. / Salary slips for past 03 months
Self-employed/Business owners - Duly completed Loan application / Proven track records of income (Business registration, bank statements,company accounts) / Any other documentary evidence to prove additional income
Property documents
Latest registered title Transfer Deed/Title Certificate (whichever applicable). / Copy of the approved Survey Plan / Copy of the approved Building Plan (to purchase /construct a house) / BOQ (building estimate) in case of construction
Local authority documents obtained within the latest 6 months (Street Line Certificate, Non-Vesting Certificate) / Copy of the receipts of the taxes paid for the most recent quarter / Letter/affidavit from the tenant (If applicable)
Confirmation letter from the Grama Niladhari division applicable to the land/property / If the property to be mortgaged is a Condominium Property the above documents may vary (based on the conditions)
Conditions apply
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