Our repayment period extends up to 20 years. | We offer you attractive fixed and variable interest rates.
We charge lower legal fees for your loan. | To buy a house, we help you by offering up to 75% of FSV.
If its construction you are looking at, we go even to the extent of offering up to 80% of BOQ (for construction).
To buy bare land, we offer you up to 40% of the FSV.
You’re aged 21-55 years, working as a ‘confirmed’ employee in an established Company / Institution and earning a minimum Gross Salary of Rs. 30,000/=
Documents Needed
Completed Home Loan Application.
Copy of a recent Utility Bill to establish resident address.
Letter from your employer, confirming your position and salary details.
Sales agreement (in the case of the purchase of land / house, or a letter from the seller, indicating the selling price).
Bill of Quantity acceptable to the Bank. | Building Plan, approved by the Local Authority.
Copies of Deed and Survey Plan, approved by the Local Authority.
A copy of your Sri Lankan NIC / Passport / DL.
Salary slips for the Last 3 months.
Building Plan, approved by the Local Authority.