We offer you loans up to a maximum of Rs. 10 Mn
Our repayment period is extended up to 7 Years.
You’re a doctor registered with SLMC, SLDA, and SLVA and earning a minimum gross salary, with fixed allowances, of more than Rs.30,000/-.
Documents Needed
Fully completed Personal Loan Application. | A Copy of your NIC.
Copy of a recent Utility Bill to establish resident address. | Salary Slips of Last 3 months.
Bank statements for last 3 months. | Doctor Grade, confirmation letter.
Doctor ID. | Intern / House Officer – Intern ID copy.
Preliminary – SLMC ID Copy / Medical Certificate / Hospital ID Copy.
Grade ll / Grade l / Administration / Consultant – SLMC / SLDA / SLVA ID Copy.
A letter from the applicant or from the Hospital, confirming the Private Practice.