A Special Loan Scheme tailor-made for Professionals in fixed employment as well as self-employment
Qualified Professionals
Age between 18 to retirement, subject to the loan being fully repaid before the date of retirement.
Minimum Income of Rs 100,000.00 and income from private practices.
Documents Needed
Duly completed Application Form. / Accepted Terms & Conditions. / A certified copy of one’s National Identity Card, Driver License or Passport.
Identification from the relevant professional body or copy of the professional qualification / Assignment over salary – Letter of undertaking from employer on DFCC prescribed format or confirmed Standing Order
Letter of undertaking from the applicant to route all private practice income to DFCC / Current/Savings account statements for the past 03 months.
Latest Salary Slip (Original/Certified copy) if variable allowances are to be considered 03 months original/certified copies should be submitted.
Additional sources of income such as rent, income from lease will be considered provided documentary evidence is submitted.