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DFCC Bank Incentivises Savings for Kids with Free Gift Vouchers for New Deposits to DFCC Junior Accounts

As International Children’s Day and World Thrift Day fall in October each year, DFCC Bank is taking the opportunity to inspire kids to increase their savings this month. Accordingly, each new LKR 15,000/- or more deposit to a DFCC Junior account before the 31st of October 2022 will entitle the account holder to receive a gift voucher worth LKR 2,000/- from DSI. These vouchers can be redeemed at any DSI store island wide and will inspire parents and kids to save while beginning to enjoy the benefits of saving instantly.

Discussing the initiative and the importance of saving, Mr Aasiri Iddamalgoda – SVP – Retail Banking & SME at DFCC Bank said, “October is a great month to encourage saving for children by the child themselves and parents of young children. With International Children’s Day and World Thrift Day being marked in October, we would like to provide an incentive to encourage saving. Young children of an age of understanding learning the habit of saving early on, can help them build resources to live their dreams and enjoy a bright future. Their parents starting this journey on their behalf even earlier can be a huge blessing for children and even help inculcate the habit at an early age. Thus, we are very pleased to provide a valuable LKR 2,000/- gift voucher to all eligible accounts and new accounts, which will help demonstrate how savings can bring returns and benefits, encouraging kids and parents to keep up the habit.”

As a bank committed to sustainability and building sustainable societies, DFCC Bank emphasises the need to inculcate the habit of saving from a young age. Saving can be beneficial both on the individual and societal levels. Individuals who save enjoy a buffer against emergency expenses and a sustainable way to fund plans and dreams. Societies that save can enjoy strong, robust, dependable, and trustworthy financial systems and economies with the financial resources needed to support sustainable growth while keeping national financial and economic indicators within healthy limits. Overall, saving encourages and instils the fundamental habit of living sustainably by avoiding excess and taking responsibility, which will have benefits that will echo throughout life.

About DFCC Bank

DFCC Bank is a full-service Commercial Bank with a legacy of 66 years that offers a range of commercial and development banking services. The Bank’s Sustainability Strategy 2020–2030 envisions it becoming one of the leading banks that will contribute toward greater resilience, including the creation of Resilient Businesses that contribute to sustainable economic growth by extending support to Green Financing and, Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurs. The Bank has won awards for being the ‘Most Trusted Retail Banking Brand’ and the ‘Best Customer Service Banking Brand’ in Sri Lanka, 2021 from the prestigious Global Brands Magazine, UK, and was awarded ‘Market leader in Cash Management 2021’ by Euromoney. DFCC Bank was ranked amongst Business Today’s Top 40 Corporates in Sri Lanka. DFCC Bank is rated [SL] A+ by ICRA Lanka Limited and A+ (lka) by Fitch Ratings Lanka Limited as a licensed specialized bank supervised by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.