Rewards Points - 01 point for every Rs.100/- spent*
Free SMS alerts and e-statements
Loan on Card - up to 75% of the credit limit
Be a resident of Sri Lanka | Age between 18-65 years
Employed / self-employed with a minimum gross income of Rs.30,000
Earn a gross salary of Rs. 75,000 or above
Documents Needed
Duly filled Credit Card application form | A copy of the National Identity Card (NIC) / Passport
If Employed, a copy of a salary slip within last three months or letter from the employer confirming salary details
If Self-employed, copy of certificate of business registration/ Form 20 if the company is limited liability, and business/personal bank statements for the last three months
Billing proof (i.e. telephone bill, water bill, or electricity bill) if the address is different to NIC