Highly convenient and accessible from anywhere, anytime
Numerous digital payment methods through the integration of multiple bank accounts and multiple debit and credit cards on to one payment platform
Higher security with access to the app locked behind authentication password and PIN
Wide acceptance across a growing list of merchant stores both online and offline across Sri Lanka
Access to partner promotions and attractive interest rates for existing SDB customers
Purchase products and services | Initiate direct fund transfers | Carry out day-to-day transactions
Overall control and management of individual budgets

How to Register
Follow the video
UPay acts as a multi-functional mobile wallet that can be directly connected to your SDB current or savings account, as well as other bank accounts and payment options such as credit and debit cards.
Link to existing SDB Bank Accounts and other bank accounts to seamlessly
Documents Needed
The UPay mobile payment app is freely downloadable for existing and non-existing SDB customers for both Android and iOS.