All Nations Trust Bank American Express Card Members can register online free of charge using your Card credentials
Fingerprint or Password verification available for your convenience
Activate your Credit Card via the Nations Mobile App | Settle your Credit Card bill instantly via your savings account
View your Card balance and keep track of transactions | Make a concierge service request
Redeem your American Express Membership Rewards Points | Trilingual functionality
Perform cash advances via the Nations Mobile App

How to Register
Sign up conveniently on Mobile device using your personal Savings, Current Account number, Debit or Credit card details, issued by the Bank. Ensure we have your latest contact details.
Install and explore the services of Nations Trust Bank. Sign-In using Nations Trust Bank Accounts or Cards to gain access to a multitude of privileges and services.
If you have a business account, please visit the nearest branch to avail yourself for the service.
Nations Mobile Banking Service facility is for my/our personal use only.
Documents Needed
I/we shall register with the Bank my/our mobile phone unit/s including the respective IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number/s and/or my/our mobile phone number/s and/or any other information the Bank may require for the provision of this service to me/us as maybe requested by the Bank.