‘ComBank Digital’ is offered through a responsive web application and two native mobile applications which enables access across all devices such as Desktop PCs, Laptop Computers, Tabs and Smart Phones. It consists of internationally recognized user security features with industry standards and a vast range of services.
Enhancing the user convenience, ‘ComBank Digital’ features a range of built-in options that allow you to customize your digital banking preferences, on your own without the assistance of a bank agent.
Any Commercial Bank account holder who has not already registered can register themselves online for this facility 24/7 and enjoy its features without visiting a branch.
'ComBank Digital' offers services such as checking balances of Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Investments, Loans and Credit Card accounts and transactional activities such as applying for Fixed Deposits, instant payments across the banking network, share trading settlements etc can be carried out securely.
Easy online self registration | Stable & secure access | Instantaneous transactions | Seamless connectivity on any device |
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How to Register
Go to 'ComBank Digital' Login Page and click ‘Enrol to ComBank Digital’.
Step 1 --> Enter NIC and one of your Bank Account Numbers. Tick CAPTCHA and click Next.
Step 2 --> Enter your Mobile Number. Format: +947XXXXXXXX and click Next.
You will receive a Verification Code to your Mobile phone
Step 3 --> Enter the Verification Code and click Next.
Step 4 --> Enter a Username of your choice. Read the instructions on screen on how to choose a username.
Step 5 --> Enter a Password of your choice. Read the instructions on screen on how to create a password. Re-enter the password to confirm and click Submit.
When you complete these steps successfully, you will be taken to your 'ComBank Digital' Home Page. You will also receive an email/sms confirming the registration.
An agent from the Bank will call for a quick verification and enhance your access level to let you enjoy the full range of 'ComBank Digital' services.
Any customer who operates an account (Sole / Joint) in Commercial Bank.
Documents Needed
You can enrol to 'ComBank Digital' online without submitting any documents to the Bank. However, if you want access to your joint account, you need to hand over a request letter signed by all parties to the account to grant permission to access the account using 'ComBank Digital'.
You may use the Bank’s standard common service application (signed by all parties) for this purpose.