Loans up to Rs. 9 million
Repayment period up to 10 years OR
A loan can be obtained by disabled personnel, considering the fixed allowance that they are eligible after reaching the age of 55 years
Loan repayment period up to 75 years of age
Automatic loan protection cover for all applicants
Assistance to swift transfer of salary remittance.
Disabled military personnel
Any of the following family members receiving a salary on behalf of a member of the security forces declared DIA / MIA:
Widow / widower
Father / mother of unmarried member of the security forces
Unmarried / unemployed siblings of unmarried member of the security forces
Documents Needed
A duly filled loan application
Copy of the national identity card / passport / driver’s license of applicant for identification
Address verification document (i.e. copy of fixed utility bill, bank statement, etc) if current postal address differs from the national identity card or identification document
Any other document requested by the Bank