Attractive interest rates | Grace period up to 5 years (Capital repayment waiver)
Longer repayment terms (up to 25 years) | Legal and other documentation assistance
Speedy approvals | Fixed and floating interest rate options
Home improvement Loans (up to 25% of the original Loan) | Loan / mortgage advisory service at your doorstep
Affiliation with over 100 condominium projects to choose from
Residual option (up to 50% of the capital can be paid as the final installment)
Flexible repayment of the loan capital as you decide | Step-up loan repayment based on your future increase of income
Those with a regular monthly income, individually or jointly with spouse
Public and private sector employees, professionals, businessmen
Sri Lankans employed abroad
Documents Needed
Two photocopies of National Identity Card (NIC)
Letter from employer confirming salary details and employment
Title Deed with Original Survey Plan
Certified extracts obtained from the relevent land registry for the past 30 years
Original Building Plan approved by the local authority with a copy
Bill of quantities acceptable to the bank for the proposed construction with two copies
Letter of consent from the vendor for purchase of property
Ownership certificate
For purchase of apartment, certificate of conformity (C.O.C) or condominium deed should be submitted with the application