Our repayment period extends up to 20 years. | We offer you attractive fixed and variable interest rates.
We charge lower legal fees for your loan. | To buy a house, we help you by offering up to 75% of FSV.
If its construction you are looking at, we go even to the extent of offering up to 80% of BOQ (for construction).
To buy bare land, we offer you up to 40% of the FSV.
You’re aged between 18 – 55 years of age, running your business as a proprietor, a partner a director of a Small and Medium Business, and earning a minimum monthly profit of Rs. 50,000/= and have been in business for over 3 years.
Documents Needed
Fully completed Home Loan Application.
Copy of a recent Utility bill / Bank statement, to establish resident address.
Certificate of Business Registration.
Copies of the Last 2 years tax receipts.
Form 48, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, for Limited Liability Companies.
A copy of your Sri Lankan NIC / Passport / DL.
Copies of the last 6 months bank statements – Business & Personal.
Copies of the last 2 years audited accounts.
Sales agreement (in the case of the purchase of a land / house, or a letter from the seller indicating the selling price).
Bill of Quantity acceptable to the Bank.
Building Plan, approved by the Local Authority.
Copies of Deed and Survey Plan approved by Local Authority.